Samstag, 23. Juli 2016

Finished "Design For Non Designers" MOOC - My Second openSAP Course

While I was in the middle of the OpenUI5 course SAPs learning platform openSAP announced a new course: "Design for Non-Designers".  That sounded interesting then lets face it - the majority of the posts here are about really techie stuff - and not about typography and the likes.

The course was a mix of an introduction into "Design Thinking" and basic design concepts. I learned about personas, storyboards and that prototyping on different level is both, important and fun at the same time. I found that the time was a good investment.

I was glad that I could eventually get some grips on "Design Thinking". I already did a one day workshop at a conference last year but this was a bit pointless.

My course notes are on github so if you are interest feel free to have a look. And yes of course, there is also a record of achievement.

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