Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015

My Favorite Things - A One Time Downloader

For this blog it's a quiet year so far. I'm busy with work related stuff. Also, I'm collecting material for a book a colleague of mine and me are planning to write, more on that later.

Since Google Code is closing down I had to move an other old project of mine to github.com. It's a plain old CGI applications which allows small Do It Yourself (DIY) vinyl record labels to create small download vouchers for their releases. Being a vinyl collector myself five years back most of the vinyl records I bought came without any legal possibility to obtain the music in digital format as well.

Downloading the MP3 files for "A very good Record"
I wanted to make the world a little better here. Over the years the software has been used around the world. I was occasionally in touch with users. Some of them where so happy about the tool that they've send my a bunch of records they recently released.

This project was my first time getting out to the world with some software I developed. Back then I decided to use Perl as implementation language. For the reasons see here.

Nowadays I still would choose a dynamically typed language but I guess it would be Python then.