Freitag, 15. August 2014

Second Status - Studying "Structure And Interpretation Of Computer Programs"

Some month ago I decided to self study the online material of the Spring 2014 course of "Structure And Interpretation Of Computer Programs" of the Berkley University.  I was actually planning to regularly post my learning status - however, I forgot to post my half time status. This might be due to a minor football (soccer) event this summer ;-)

Anyway, here is where I am:

I'm slowly creeping forward, working full time doesn't help, too. How can people organize to work on a part time Ph.D. when they have a full time job and a family?!

As the pictures above shows, the next thing is to kick off the last project which is writing a Scheme interpreter in Python. I've done some Scheme recently, I don't hate it - I feel more like in this comic which was on one of the first lecture slides introducing the Scheme topic:

I've never had to deal with something complex like writing an own language interpreter so I'm really looking forward to spend some time with this (last) project.

Looking at my other obligations I suppose it will be October when I'm done with the whole course. We'll see.