Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

Software Craftmenship In Leipzig Is Picking Up Pace

Last September I wrote about my attempt to host a local meetup for the software craftsmen in my home town of Leipzig/ Germany. After a slow start things are recently going well.

This week we had Alex of Grossweber over how gave a very compact but at the same time well structured introduction to git and its advanced topics like interactive rebase. Up to this point my git knowledge was very basic but after this evening my understanding of this topic is much clearer. Good work Alex.

git Session with Alex @ Makerspace Leipzig, 2016/02/17
We started to publish our events on two platform. Beside our native Softwerkskammmer page we started using as well.  I suppose being a event helped use to constantly increase our attendees. Last week we where almost 30 people and I had to limit the subscription to the event. A couple of month back we where always below 10 people - how quickly things change...

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