Dienstag, 25. November 2014

Learning Tests - Something you Shouldn't Smile About

I admit - at university I was one of the guys who would rarely attent a non-technical course. Just because I thought that this is the easy stuff - I don't need to waste my time with that.

Well, this aditute has changed.  Over the years I've learned the benefits of reflecting your work style, your personal progress and so on. Attempting to follow the principles of the agile manifesto is one of these findings.

The topic of this post are Learning tests, something a collegue of mine introduced to me and which I problably would have smiled about in university since it is not technical in itself - but it is a nice and easy way to invest your (usually limited) coding time carefully.

So what is it all about?Learning tests is about using your existing unit test framework to have a play with some new library function or class you haven't used before (or a long time ago). You are writing tests not against your own implementation but against the currently not so well understood new library function/ class you are planing to use in your own implementation later.

Learning tests are a kind of a step in between - the unit tests for a new feature you are planning to implement are there but you feel that you should examine the internal mechanics you will utilize for the implementation a little bit further (e.g. some complicated external library).
At this stage you slide in one ore more Learning tests which are writting using your every day unit testing frame work and hence live on with all the other unit tests. In your Learning tests you have a play with the unknown library until you understand how to employ it in your own work. You then move on to your actual implementation.

That's all about it. Nice, simple and definitly helpful.

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